Mainstream-mette-media, with a big love of life.

My name is Mette and i’m a student at the IT university, with specialization in digital media and design. I have previously studied a basic in web-integration, which have given me skills in programming, coding, photo-editing and creating websites. I have also studied drawing, which I now combine with graphic work. I try to surround my life with things i love, and I have therefore previously done volunteer work in a Graffiti gallery and as a graphic assistant in a small online firm.
I now focus on my studies and creating my own business. My dream is to be an independent, freelance consultant and travel the world, working with things I love.

Things that makes me love my life: #beingInnovative, #creativity, #art, #learning, #drawing, #politics, #hiphop #nerd’ing, #graphicalWork, #travel, #helpingPeople, #dancing, #painting, #doingSomethingNew