Web languages 1:

Basis Html

Using netbeans i have written a basic html website and populated it with information using basic html like; headings, paragraphs, links, images and lists.

Basic CSS (Cascading style sheet)

Css is the styling of the website. It can be written inside of the html code, like i did in W3  or as an extrenal file linked to your html in the header.

  • To link an external css file you just write:
<link rel=”stylesheet” hret=”Navnet på dit stylesheet.css” type=”text/css”>
  • To target a specific content, we use selectores like ; element, id and class. This allows us to make a specialle identifikation to the specific content, which then can be accesed in the css file. 
Class= ”menu”           =          .menu

Id=”menu                  =          #menu

  • I have styled the basis html website with some basic css. It’s not pretty, but it shows the basic Css properties like backgrund-color, font-style ect.