Addresses and Routing.

IP = Internet protocol
URL = Uniform resource locator
An IP address is a unique identifier for a computer, making it possible to transmit data to this particular computer.  In the browser, you can type in an IP address instead of URL (the websites name) since they, in identity, are one and the same.


To find an IP addresses you can use different sites. I used = ( = ( = ( = (

An Ip address can travel far, redirecting around routers to finally end op at your screen.  To se the travel you can use different trace tools. Ex using:


Making a website step-by-step.

To make a basic website there a different things you need:

  1. Domain name
  2. Database (which is usually provided by your host site
  3. File transporting protocol (ftp)
  4. Text editor tool (ex notepad ++, netbeans etc.)

FTP And Text editor tool

An ftp (file transporting protocol) is a tool used to transport data from your computer to your server, derby allowing you to upload and communicate with the server.  I juse Filwzilla.

Web-languages are the way data is being communicated on the Internet. There are a lot of different types of languages.  Languages like html, css, flash and javascript are client-side, which means they run on your computer.  Php, jave, python and node.js are, on the other hand, server-side languages.

The most basic languages are Html and as it runs client-side, so you can se the result of your writing without connecting to a server. But as you want to move on to php and other languages you need to upload using a ftp.


Creating the basic html of a website:

Many people get frustrated when they start to learn html and coding in general, but dont despair. You have to remember, that it is a laungages and if you never have seen a languages before, it will always be like readig greek (almost). But html and coding have a kind of logic to it, that makes it easy.

  • I created a new file, called index.html and type the following html code into the file.
<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>Introduction to Web Technology</title>
<h1>My Website</h1>
<p>Ah! A first paragraph on my new website.</p>
  • I uploaded the index.html file, in a folder called exercise, to the root of my website.
  • Visited my url to se the result