First i would like to go on record stating that i am not the biggest wordpress fan!(yet) It is for me, restricting the design-process a bit. It has to be said the wordpress is totally new to me, so I know, that it gets easier when you get to know it. But when you are a perfectionist, as i am, and if you are use to writing websites the old school way – tweaking the css down to the px – wordpress can seem a bit annoying and restrictive.

As I used my personal domain, which is a concept/brand of mine, I had some expectations to what it should look like. My initial idea was to make my portfolio out to be the one I was planning for, but as the exam required some specific pages, I made it a combo and I therefore see this website as a first take to my final lyl portfolio.



Clean, simple, not a lot of different colors, aesthetically appealing, feminine without being girly or cute. 

I like clean, simple website. Artrebels do not have a simple homepages, but there still are a clean feel to it. I also like the idea of a big/bigger front images and white background.


I knew that i would have a relative simple website. As it is an portfolio, its not the design of the website that needs to be in focus, but the content and the imagery. In the future that imagery will entail my own drawings and pictures, so i also let my style inspire the design of the website.



Fonts, Color and Logo

The base of the design, has always been the meaning of lyl = loveyourlife. So i started with creating the lyl and loveyourlife logo. A logo is very important, because it is, the front and the visual identity. I like when things are personalized, so I drew both logos in illustrater and played around with some fonts.


I also played around with color, but because the future color range of the portfolio content, is so differentiating and because i want the content color to pop, i choose to keep the colors in black, white and greyscale.


Mockup and Sketches

I sometimes do a rough sketch by hand, but often i just go straight to photoshop and play around with the different elements; logo div, menu, content, header etc.



As the exercises is meant to be portfolio content, i would like them to be visualized as a portfolio. With 1 thumbnail pictures for every projects on a parent side and a individual site fore ever different project.