I really love my life, or, I am aspiring to live in a way that makes me love my life. Sometimes i don’t. Life has up’s and down’s for everyone, no matter where you live or have privileged you are, but as a citizen of Denmark, I am a very privileged girl. I have what i need. I do not live in war. I can step safely out on to the streets. I am lucky, so I better fucking love my life! – everything else would be simple ignorance and stupidity. I remind myself that loving your life is the most important thing. It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as it makes you happy and bring happiness to others. This might seem like some new school-hipster-yolo shit, but it makes sense to me and it is what I would like to build my life, my business and creativity around.

We have so many opportunities to do things in Denmark and we have many possibilities to help others. We need to keep in mind, that a lot of people in the world have terrifying and horrible living conditions.  So I am committing myself to making something out of my life, putting my privilege to good use and trying to be the best person that i can be.  This is also why i choose to associate myself with LoveYourLife.

Try to help others. Send positive energy out into the world. At least try to love your life, or at the very least try not to send out bad energy. Don’t hate! Don’t hate because of color, country, religion or sex! Don’t judge people, on the basic of how they come of. Do not, a book by it’s cover, judge – my friend.

This is not a preach, but the most concrete way to explain a question i been asked many times – ”why loveyourlife?”.
Hate it or love it – it up to you! I do my thing, i do it good and i do it with pride. I try to be a good, loving person – i fail sometimes, like all of us.
This is my shit, this is my project, a life philosophy and just what i love to do – peace.