#6W Web languages 2

#6W Web languages 2

Building on to #5 Web languages 1, i have written  a website which contains a bit more advanced layout and some html 5: <nav>, <header>, <footer>, <article> tags.

Here is the basic html for the website, without css:









Here is the Css for the website, linked to the html:

ove6.2Skærmbillede 2013-11-24 kl. 23.07.40








As you can se, i have used some new tags to style the html. Margin, padding weight and height are some of them. A good way ti understanding css is to look at it like a giant puzzle. You divide the whole content into ”boxes” called <div>. Thise can be altered in size, position etc. Together they compose the whole website. I have tried to illustrate this with borders aka Lines around the <div>’s.

Also i added some style to the links, so they changes color when the arrow hovers over the link.


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